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General Info for Parents

Blue Folders

Weekly Thursday Folders: Every Thursday, school flyers and information will be sent home in a special folder or envelope. Parents should remove this important information and return the folder/envelope with their child on Friday.

Cell Phones

Students are allowed to bring a cell phone to school.  However, phones must be kept in a backpack and turned off throughout the school day. They can be used, if needed, after school for communication with parents (Board Policy #5141.2).  iPods, iPads and electronic games are not permitted at school.  Electronic readers (e.g. Kindles, Nooks) are permitted.  The use of camera functions on phones and other devices is prohibited at all times.  Violation of this policy will result in the privilege to have such device at school being revoked.


If you are picking your child up by car, we prefer that you use the driveway between Ridgeway and Charles, aka “The Loading Dock”.  Please place a sign on the dashboard with the names of students being picked up in bold letters.  Pull up as far as possible on the right hand side of The Loading Dock.  Students must enter cars along the curb.  When ready to leave, pull as far as possible to the left and exit onto Charles Road.  Only right turns are permitted onto Charles.


We appreciate the dispensing of all medicine at home whenever possible.   If your child needs any type of medication at school, prescription or non-prescription, you will need to provide a current “Administration of Medications” form which requires the signature of the physician and identifies the specific medication and dosage.  This form may be obtained in the school office and must be completed annually since it is not automatically transferred from one year to the next.

School Meals

Students may bring a lunch to school or purchase a hot lunch for $2.75.  Malcom has a computerized Point of Sale system so you can prepay by cash, check, credit card, or PayPal (Internet). 

To make a payment online, simply log on to the CUSD school nutrition website at and click on the Online Meal Payment button. 

In the event a child forgets lunch or loses money, students will be offered peanut butter, crackers, fruit, etc. by lunch staff so that no child goes without eating.  The office does not loan money for lunch.

Lost and Found

Please mark all lunch boxes, sweaters, jackets, etc. with your child's name. If you have lost any items, please check Davy Jones's Locker. All items unclaimed from Davy Jones's Locker will be donated to charities throughout the school year, usually during winter and spring recess, and after school closes in June.


Malcom recycles BoxTops, Campbell's soup labels, ink cartridges, cell phones, used reading glasses, water bottles and soda cans!

Parent Portal

All parents need to sign up for the CUSD Parent Portal ( in order to view attendance records, standardized test scores and report cards andupdate personal information, such as contact people and phone numbers, and medical information.   You will need your student’s ID number, your home phone number, and unique verification code which you can obtain through the school office.

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