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LEGO WeDo Robotics

Each month our 4th and 5th graders will learn about robotics fundamentals as they build each of the 12 projects in the LEGO® Education WeDo Robotics program. Click on the videos below to see a quick sample of each robot in action.

Each lesson emphasizes the transfer of energy through the robot as well as the link between the software programming function blocks and the robot's actions.

Click below to see the videos

September - Dancing Birds:
Students learn about pulley systems. They experiment with varying sizes of pulleys and changing the direction of the belt to change the direction of the spinning birds.

October - Smart Spinner: 
Students learn about gears. They experiment with gearing up and gearing down by changing the size of the gear on the handle and the spinning top.

November – Drumming Monkey
Students learn about levers and cams. They experiment with changing the direction of the cams to create a new beat.

January – Hungry Alligator
Students learn about motion sensors. They experiment with moving an object in front of the alligator's face to make him open and close his mouth.

Sorry, no videos :-(

February – Roaring Lion
Students learn how to use the crown gear and a motion sensor. They experiment with programming to modify the lion's roar and trigger the lion to sit up using the motion sensor.

March – Flying Bird
Students work with levers, cams, a tilt sensor, and a motion sensor. The students are challenged to program the bird sounds to coordinate with the bird's tilting head and flapping wings.

April – Design Your Own Cotton Ball Launcher
Students used their imagination to invent their own cotton ball launcher! They searched online for a picture of a catapult and used the picture as a guide if they needed help understanding how to build a launching mechanism. The first design was operated manually, then the students had to automate their catapult with a motor and a software program.

June – TBD 


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